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Approximately 314 in 1,000 people over age 65 have hearing loss and 40-50 percent of people 75 and older have a hearing loss.  Hearing loss is more common than one would think.  28 million people are affected with hearing loss in the United States.  Out of that 28 million, only 5 million people own hearing aids.  There is a tremendous need for the hearing impaired population to embrace better hearing.  If you have hearing loss, you are not alone! 


Studies Show that Hearing Loss is Connected to Other Health Conditions

Hearing loss isn’t fussy about age. More than half of us with hearing loss are still in the workforce. And hearing loss is a much bigger deal than we ever imagined. We need to take it seriously.

As one of the most common chronic health conditions in the United States today, hearing loss affects baby boomers, Gen Xers and every other age group. And, when left unaddressed, hearing loss affects just about every aspect of a person’s life.

Hearing loss can have unwelcome companions—like heart disease; diabetes; chronic kidney disease; depression; cognitive decline, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease; increased risk of falling; increased hospitalizations.

In fact, as studies on the link between hearing loss and other health conditions mount, we’ve begun to see how our ears—and specifically how our hearing—connect to our whole body and health.

Most doctors don’t include hearing health as a routine part of annual exams. So ask to have your hearing tested. Once you reach middle-age, it makes sense to include hearing tests as part of your routine annual care.

It seems that the “hearing bone” may be connected to more than we originally thought.

So the next time you think you might be having trouble hearing something, listen to your ears. They may be telling you something.

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